Sunday, September 11, 2011


I spoke too soon! I whined and complained yesterday as if I would die from the heat. Today's been even worse. Even our house, normally cool enough if I keep all windows shut and every curtain pulled tight, is uncomfortable. Outside, though, the temperature continues to climb until it feels like every bit of moisture in my body will be sucked out through my pores, leaving me like a little raisin. We visited the folks we lease the pasture from and standing in their driveway, normally cool, I could feel the front of my right shin sizzling. (And to think he was out there cutting wood. Egads!)

My eyes just about popped out of my head when I glanced at my blog sidebar and saw where we're headed (high temps normally hit here around 5:00, so we're not quite there yet...but getting close). Thank heavens they're calling for much cooler temps in the coming days, even getting down to (gasp!) a high of 66 degrees by the 19th. This Washingtonian could jump up and down in anticipation...but it's too hot right now to do that. (I do have to admit, though, the heat is good for the tomatoes, and we ate our first ripe 'Stupice' this afternoon...YUM!)

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  1. I'm with you all the way, sister! 90 plus is TOO DARN HOT for a Western Washington girl!

    I guess that the tomatoes are our consolation prize? ;)


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