Friday, April 15, 2011

Practicing patience

Patience is a virtue, but it's not one of mine. I've had so many lessons lately where patience was the required (and missing) element, and I think I'm finally getting the message.

This is a little thing, but a perfect case in point: I'm itching, aching, to plant flowers - annuals - in all of my pots. I'm equally longing to put the gorgeous, huge petunia baskets Paul bought me for my birthday back on their hangers on the front porch. However, doing either would be disastrous to the plants involved. The average last frost date for Tenino is a long way off yet. The weather forecasts for Saturday and Sunday promise at least partly sunny skies and highs in the 50s, but lows of 30 and 31 degrees, typical for April (and even May!) in my little town. So why am I so impatient?

Those lovely flowers in the medians or around businesses in Olympia are perky and bright on the same mornings where even tough daffodils at my house are hanging their heads in frozen resign. Paul dutifully, as if nurturing a child or someone housebound, carries my petunia baskets out from the garage to sit in the waning evening sun, for just a little TLC and fresh air, before bringing them back in to sit on the floor in the diffused light from the windows.

My plant pots are sitting at the ready, all in a group, waiting for new occupants. The pansies that barely survived the winter in a few other pots are struggling to rejuvenate themselves, and may make it through another season.

But my longing to putter and make things pretty outside will have to be satisfied by weeding, for just as the cold is too hard on my delicate annuals, the weeds laugh heartily and grow like, well, weeds. I'll try out my new garden tools, especially the strong-looking hand rake with its beefy tines, in the choked sandy bottomed paths in the raised vegetable garden, putting a little order to the chaos. I might even clear out a bed and plant (late) peas!

In all, I'll have to hang tight and admire Mother Nature's own hearty plants while I resign myself to practicing patience.

Sheila looking out during a brief sun break.


  1. I'm with ya, sister! All that I've been brave enough to plant out so far is rhubarb and a few raspberry canes from a friend. I've actually still got my peas inside, because I started them under the grow lights to get a jump start and to avoid seed pilferage.

    I told Bill that we may never get tomatoes or squash in this year (at this rate), but we'll be swimming in rhubarb, peas and cilantro. Oh joy! ;)

  2. Michelle, I hear you. I was all set to get outside today but it's chilly and the darn wind just won't stop! (I hate wind.)

    We don't usually count on planting our veggies out until the Memorial Day at the earliest, although last year it was June 4th. So sad...and the gorgeous seedlings at the Olympia Farmers Market didn't help me any this morning!

  3. Here in Oklahoma we are just now beginning to plant our pots, and it still might be a bit early. So hard to wait.
    I love your blog.


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