Friday, April 1, 2011

Fabulous freebies!

Yesterday was my birthday, and while I adore the two huge purple Wave petunia hanging baskets Paul bought for me, it's the free stuff he scored that really got me excited!

Who knew used 3/4" gray PVC pipe could be so thrilling?

I've been reading about other gardeners' adventures with hoop houses for some time. The Matron of Husbandry broods chicks in one, and then plants her tomatoes and peppers in the freely fertilized soil once the chickies move out. Paul's Great Uncle Charlie grew fabulous tomatoes in a much smaller version. Of the three years we've gardened in this house, one was so so and one (last year) was a flop, especially where tomatoes and peppers are concerned, and I wondered whether a hoop house might be the ticket. And the idea of having someplace warm to idle in January while it's cold and nasty outside...mmmm. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Armed with a few ideas, lots of scrap lumber and those free pieces of 10' PVC, Paul and I plan to build our own hoop house, using some of the ideas I found here.

We'll site it between Honey's kennel and the existing concrete-lined raised garden, running north-to-south, where it'll help block the view of the two-story home being built behind us (behind and to the right of the red barn, which is likely a tear down).

I've wanted a greenhouse for quite awhile, but every time I look at prices I cringe. I feel fortunate that we now have the materials (minus the plastic, which shouldn't cost too much) to build our own at a time when our financial focus is on our other project. While I'm practically giddy at the thought of summer coming and whisking away all our wet, dreary weather, I can nod appreciatively toward next winter, when I envision myself cuddled around seed catalogs with a cup of tea and a pencil, placing my orders for the seeds I'll turn into our own home-raised vegetables!

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  1. Hello Amy!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and congratulations on starting your 'hoop' house! How lucky are you!! Isn't it funny how your lilacs aren't looking so full of blooms too...makes you wonder why. The year before we had a very heavy frost late in the season and so the buds froze on the lilacs and the fruit trees. We hadn't bought the farm yet but when we moved in June we were told there were no lilac blossoms that spring and we never got any fruit that summer and fall. Last year was as though everything was making up for the year before....our lilacs were covered and we had so much fruit that it broke the tops of the tree and some lower branches! Anyway...I still look forward to the blossoms and I'll be taking lots of pictures while they bloom. Good luck on your 'hoop house' :)
    Maura :)


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