Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just passing through

Skookumchuck Farm grew by two more cows yesterday! Natalie of Hem-Loch and Lana of Schoonover Farm, both nearly 7-years old, were whisked away from their shady paddock in Quilcene and released into our north pasture last night for a stay while we evaluate their condition and conformation. They have been fast friends since they were sold together as youngsters and stick with each other like glue. They couldn't be more different...Natalie is brindle and beefy with stubby little legs (she's probably a little shorter than Bridgit), while Lana is a Highland giant, standing probably a full six inches taller than Natalie, and probably a few inches taller than Sheila, too. Neither cow shows any signs of illness or injury, but both are on the thin side and beelined straight from the trailer to the haylage bale T-Bone and Bridgit were forced to leave behind (the latter two are staying temporarily in our large pasture). They're a little nervous but not wild. It will take some patience and persistance if we are to work with them at all.

Chances are both girls will be headed to our beef program, but it's a little early to know for certain. If T-Bone could have his way, they'd stay forever. He can hardly stand being separated, licking his lips every time the new girls pee. (For those not in the know, smelling and tasting a female's urine is how bulls decide whether they're in or approaching heat.) If they stay for any length of time, we will be housing T-Bone with them while Bridgit moves into our other paddock with Sheila and Annabel. Whatever their futures, they will likely prove to be a good investment.

Natalie of Hem-Loch

Natalie (foreground) with Lana of Schoonover Farm (background). There really is that much difference in height!

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  1. They are nice! I can't believe how tall that Lana is!


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