Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's a Girl!!

I was on my way down I-5 to pick up my sister-in-law when Paul called, frantic..."You need to come HOME! There are four pairs of EYES out there!"

Yes, finally, finally, finally...Bridgit's baby has arrived! It's a little red girl, 62 pounds, just tiny compared to T-Bone the 80 pound brute! Bridgit was starving, seemingly, when we got out there, and Paul had smartly held back both Sheila and Bridgit's evening beet pulp buckets, so it was a snap to weigh, dry and navel dip the little baby while mama's head was stuffed deep in her bucket.

The baby hasn't nursed yet that we can tell, so I will be standing careful watch tomorrow to make sure she gets her colostrum. This is even more critical this time since we caught T-Bone nursing from Bridgit a couple of days ago, which means he could have taken her calf's antibody-containing colostrum.

It's too dark to take photos, but I promise to post some in the morning!

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