Thursday, November 27, 2008

(Almost) Out of the Woods

The dream I had nearly a week ago where I completely forgot to cook the turkey for our first ever Thanksgiving in our home, the dream that's been haunting me for a full week now? Well, I haven't forgotten to cook the turkey. It's been in the oven now since 5:32 a.m., slow roasting for 3.5 hours at 275 degrees, ala the awesome recipe provided by Now, the recipe is a little vague about how long to cook the bird at the higher temp (375 I think) after that initial 3.5 hours of slow-roasting goodness, so I can't say my butterflies are completely gone yet...but I'll work on that.

The mashed potatoes I made last night and refrigerated are getting their chill off on the counter, the veggies for the dressing are chopped and waiting in the fridge for their moment of glory, and the "Toastmaster" big hulk of a countertop roaster/baker thingy I bought off Craig's List is going through its initial "burn off all the machine oil residue" as I type this so that it may perform as a stand-in oven for the dressing later today. (The thing is huge, but apparently you can do everything from roast meat to bake cupcakes to steam green beans in it. Amazing!)

The guests will start arriving at noon for our 3:00 p.m. dinner and to ogle our week-old baby T-Bone. Perhaps they'll arrive right in time for Bridgit to give birth .(Will she or won't she? I haven't checked her yet this morning, but wow, the girl can't get much "floppier" in the vulva...I don't think. I apologize to referring to Turkey Day dinner items and cow vulva in the same post. I'm sure Emily Post would not approve.)

To you and yours, have a treasured Thanksgiving!


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