Friday, June 27, 2008


I am astonished to discover what I thought was a giant hollyhock is actually a pompom poppy! I had no idea these even existed; then again, I've never grown poppies on purpose. There are tons of little steel gray poppy plants popping up everwhere (that's a lot of p's, not peas, which we also have a lot of). Now I'm considering letting each one grow where it is just to see what I have!

I'm glad I decided to check out the "hollyhock" again last night during my before-bed quest to retrieve Tom the cat from his outdoor adventures (no kitties outside after dark...there are scary creatures in the night - owls and coyotes). The largest bloom is starting to fade, revealing the only-a-poppy-has-it pepper-shaker shaped seed head. Woo hoo! I'll be sure to cut these off so I can sprinkle it's seed babies in places I actually want to grow these giant poppies.

The giant buds make more sense now.

What an unglamorous home for such a beauty!

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  1. Poppies! I LOVE poppies! - Just never remembered to grow them. I wish I'd thought of it for our "house on Sunnyside Hill" .... a perfect place to display their happy faces!
    Amy, I love your blog. You write with great humor and skill. Your gramma has been raving about it and your farm too, and all the happiness you and Paul grow there. Now I can actually SEE photos of it all. What a wondrous life you-two live.
    Love from an old friend :)


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