Friday, April 20, 2012

Green relief

We spent part of last Saturday moving the cattle to our leased pasture. As much as past experience had taught us to over-plan - because moving cattle can fluctuate between annoying struggle and full-blown mini-rodeo - the animals behaved loaded and moved like buttah'. You'd think the knew where they were going!

Originally, we planned to haul Roxy, Eiger and Xoe first, but Sheila practically caught herself, Eiger followed suit, and Roxy all but jumped into the trailer after them! It made for a slightly heavier load, but with the pasture only 10 minutes away, we felt comfortable making the trip.

Cowboy, Clyde and Xoe were a little riled up, so we were relieved to find them still contained when we returned with the empty trailer. Cowboy was really our biggest loading concern; he's always been skittish and doesn't like to be handled or combed. Imagine my surprise when he held still for me with only Paul holding the rope around his horns, while I removed the hairy beast's myriad dreadlocks on his hind end and belly and a giant mat from his tail switch! It was definitely a head scratching moment. (He later let me scratch him - unconfined - barehanded at the leased pasture. Incredible!)

Everyone has settled in. The land owner reports the seem to recall last year's preferred movement patterns, which included swinging by the hay feeder around 7 p.m. in hopes we'd stop by with apples. (Paul has them well-trained. Or, maybe it's the other way around. Sucker!)

It's a relief to know they're all safe and happy, and not planning a repeat breakout at home!

From left: tussling (Eiger and Sheila), scratching (Roxanne) and eating (Cowboy)...all their favorite pasture pasttimes!


  1. Gorgeous grass! My Dexter, Daisy, had a beefy little, half-Highland bull calf this morning. :) I posted pics on the cow forum.

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