Wednesday, January 18, 2012

They weren't kidding

I awoke at 4:00 this morning to run to the bathroom, and against my better judgement, I put on my glasses, pulled back the edge of the bedroom curtain and peeked outside. Not sure what I was seeing, I padded down the hall to the kitchen, where the light outside the garage illuminates the view. Holy crap. Everything is covered in a LOT of snow!

Unable to turn my mind off back in bed, I put on my robe and slippers, started a pot of coffee, and took the tape measure outside. Eight and a half inches at 4:45, and still snowing.

I'm waiting for my agency to update the emergency hotline so I can find out whether THEY think I'll be driving the 20 miles to the office this morning, but I'm pretty certain I won't be going, regardless. Paul's not even up yet to tell me I won't be going. His work was shut down yesterday due to too much snow, and that was before THIS storm happened! He said last night he'll probably be shut down all week, given his job is up in the hills. They're calling for the up to 10" total here, south of Olympia, but it's supposed to taper off later today and then turn to rain/snow mix tomorrow.

I'm anxious to see where the cattle are. Often they prefer to lay in the snow, but this is excessive, and now a breeze has picked up (bad combination). Thankfully, we fed a fresh bale of haylage last night, so they should have plenty to eat. We'll just have to keep their water trough full.

If there's snow where you are today, please stay warm and safe!

Our (large!) picnic table, covered!


  1. No snow (sNOw) here in Virginia, nice and sunny but a cold arctic wind is blowing from the NW so it is one of those days where the horse keeps his rear into the wind to block it. I am happy that I don't have your snow as the chickens can't deal with it when it gets that deep. Have a nice snow day!

  2. Whoa. That's some snow you've got there. That picture looks like pictures of our table last year. It had almost 3 feet of snow mounded on it for most of the winter. I was sorely tempted to make it look like a wedding cake :) (our table is round).

  3. I am so jealous! I am really REALLY wanting it to snow here but we've had none (I can't count a light dusting) this year. Sounds cozy!


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