Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meet and greet

It's high time I introduce our newest Highland fold members, don't you think? Without further ado, please welcome Roxanne of Hem-Loch and Xoe of Hem-Loch, who came home to the farm over Memorial Day weekend!

Roxanne is a lovely yellow cow who enjoys being scratched along her spine and will follow you incessantly the second you stop giving her attention. I know from personal experience (being squirted by her former owner, John) that she's gentle enough to milk by hand. She's got a wonderful personality and is a very welcome addition to our farm. We're a little shocked to admit she also seems to be the leader, although a gentle one at that. Neither we nor the property owners ever witnessed any battles between she and Sheila (their meeting was almost anticlimactic since they're nearly the same size, age and have almost identical horns), but Roxy is usually in front when the herd comes to us. She's pasture exposed for an early spring 2012 calf.

Paul showing Roxy a little love. It's hard to resist...and she's a little pushy about it. :)

And then there's little Xoe (pronounced same as Zoe), a sassy, gentle little black yearling heifer with loads of personality. She was a little shy at first but is now pretty much in Paul's back pocket, coming over for scratches on her brisket when ever she can. We worried a little whether the rest of the fold would pick on her since she's black and they're all reddish, but she's holding her own and seems to get along well with everyone. She's our show animal and may be shown this year at the Grays Harbor County Fair in Elma in August if all ducks become properly aligned. She's too young to be bred yet but will be bred next year for a spring 2013 calf. I loved Xoe's daring demeaner when we met her and also admired her large dun mother, who has a look we've come to know as "type-y," meaning kind of boxy...and very Highland.

Paul and Xoe sharing a moment.

Both girls spent a week at our place so we could get to know them before joining Sheila, Clyde and Cowboy over at our leased summer pasture. We visit them all frequently (they usually come running because Paul can hardly stand to show up without apples!) and are pleased to see them making the most of their 10 acres. We're very excited to see what our future in Highland cattle farming brings to far it's bliss!

"You're leaving already?" Left to right: Roxanne (of course!), Xoe, Clyde, Cowboy, and Sheila in the rear.


  1. How beautiful!! Are you gonna shoot for a silver calf out of Xoe? I was really hoping that Cody would be silver but he's red with yellow streaks.


  2. Such pretty girls! We use our Highlander for a milk cow (milk share with the calf), she is so sweet and gentle that I don't even have to put her in a stanchion.


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