Friday, August 13, 2010

That's no bull

Actually, that IS a bull! Skookumchuck Farm is playing host family for the month of August - and part of September - to CC Hercules, a silver dun 5-year old Scottish Highland bull, who's main goal is to sire a calf with Sheila. He's on lease from our friends at Hemlock Highlands in Sedro-Woolley, way up north.

Hercules is a very, very big boy. I'm 5'9 and 3/4" (a smidge under 5'10"), and this guy's back hits me mid-chest. He truly makes Sheila look like a dainty cow, and that's some doing, because, well, she's not! Sheila herself is a large-framed cow, probably in the realm of 1200-1400 lbs. Hercules is every bit of 2000 lbs, if not more. He's got a thick, curly neck, big, wide, sweeping Highland bull horns that come to a point front, a giant schnozz, and a thick, muscular body. We hope between the two of them, this pair can produce a gorgeous 2011 calf.

Hercules' personality seems pretty mellow. When he bellows, he's almost silent, kind of squeaky, although I'm sure the cows find it most attractive. He's taken to destroying each rogue apple tree in our north pasture, one at a time, which is making us nervous since he will shortly run out of targets, and he's only been here 6 days so far. I suggested we find him a big ball to kick around and keep him occupied...perhaps that won't work.

Sheila isn't quite in heat yet, although we can tell by the amount of time they're now spending together (as opposed to her "get the Hell away from me" body language the first few days) she's getting closer. Bridgit and Natalie are sequestered in the sacrifice paddock behind their own hotwires to keep them away from Hercules. We do not want to breed them since we plan to butcher them both (yes, both) this winter.

Big man Hercules, with his new girlfriend in the distance, playing hard to get.

Testing, testing...nope, not ready.


  1. Oooooo... He's so... MANLY!! He's awesome and yeah, the squeaking seems to be common. Ripple did that too and then he started in with the calf moos and whining just like a dog. It's strange when the giant bull sounds like a calf and the calf sounds like a giant bull.

  2. Very exciting! I'd love to see a picture of him with you or something to show his size.....I can't believe he's that big!! Love the name....


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