Saturday, June 26, 2010

A berry good time

With all the rain and gloom we've had recently in Western Washington, today's sunshine brought the perfect opportunity to spend a little quality time playing outside. After a brief bracken fern picking session in the front paddock in preparation for later brush hogging, Paul and I headed over to Boistfort Valley Farm's Strawberry Festival. The farm is a family-run farm specializing in organically grown vegetables and cut flowers sold directly to consumers through their 500-member CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program and and three local farmers markets. (If you aren't familiar with CSAs, you should check them's a wonderful way to ensure your family gets to eat high quality, nutritious produce while supporting a local farm!)

For a mere $3 per ticket (for the shortcake!), we were treated to a great tour by farmer Mike Peroni, where we learned about the farm's organic practices, machinery and greenhouses, after which we joined the line for some wonderful local treats, including fresh goat cheeses from nearby Twin Oaks Creamery (Paul's hooked!), fresh pesto, salad greens, carrots and radishes fresh from the fields, and, of course, lots and lots of gorgeous red strawberries! We ate our snack under the shade of the farm house's old apple trees while we listened to local band Rosie and the Posers (I would call their music Celtic fusion, but they probably wouldn't...check out their very interesting site). (I think it's amazingly thoughtful of the Peroni's, too, to make a bottle of sunscreen available for those of us - yes, me - who didn't think the June sun could be so bold. My skin thanks them profusely!)

And then the big moment...turning in our tickets for a H-U-G-E piece of shortcake topped with the farm's fresh berries and covered in whipped cream by (I think) the farmer's parents or parents-in-law (who were delightful!). I could hardly contain myself, but was redirected by Paul to the chocolate fountain for still more fresh berries covered in melted chocolate goodness. Oh yeah.

We went back to our shaded sitting area and devoured our treat. It was, oh, my gosh, so divine! We left with full, happy bellies and a half-flat of purchased strawberries to enjoy at home.

I thought it was a wonderful way to spend a couple of free hours on a Saturday (and actually, my day was built around this, truth be told - who wants to pick bracken fern in a hot, sunny pasture, anyway?!). I think Paul asked me at least three times how many times a year Boistfort Valley Farm hosts events like this...I'm pretty sure he wants to go back! I know I'll be back again!

(I would love to show you photos of our gorgeous berries, but my memory card is acting up and holding my recent photos hostage. Believe me when I say those berries absolutely shine with red freshness!)

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  1. Hi Amy! This sounds so fun! I also have a CSA that we are members of and I just love supporting them. I also just recently finished making strawberry freezer jam from our local berries and LOVE IT. I'm sure craving some shortcake now, lol. Next is rasberry jam - I pick up my berries tomorrow. Thanks for the compliment on my blog btw. :) I see some Highland paintings in the near future....


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