Sunday, June 13, 2010

All tucked in (and tuckered out)

We finally finished planting our veggie gardens today after a long week of ferocious rain and cold, followed by a single nice day meeting some of my husband's childhood friends at his 20-year high school reunion. We got home late, slept long, and made our way out to the garden this morning.

In the beds, finally, are the beet seeds, zucchini in two hills, the six 'Butternut' squash planted around the base of a crappy green-painted wooden ladder to climb, two rows of 'Blue Lake' green beans instead of the one row we planned (so we have more "goods" for berry trading, perhaps), two hills (2 seedlings each) of 'Heart of Gold' squash, the broccoli and cauliflower with a row of onion seeds between, and then, for companion plantings, radish and nasturtium seeds (with the squash) and three varieties of marigolds (with the tomatoes). A couple more hours outside in the sunny, warm breeze attacking the weeds in the front perennial beds (and sneezing my fool head off due to the neighbor's blooming scotch broom), and I'm totally beat. So beat I accidentally turned ON the coffee pot after setting it up for my husband's morning joe. Oops.

I think the cattle have the right idea. They've been like this all day, calmly grazing and napping in our backyard as we toiled. :)


  1. You beat me to the planting finish line -- I've STILL got to get some of the garden in! I've got the bush beans in but not the pole beans and I've got some home grown cateloupe and watermelon transplants waiting in the wings and of course, the pumpkins and, and... Here's hoping the weather is good tomorrow!

  2. Wow, canteloupe and watermelon? Now I'm jealous! I don't know that I could grow those here...especially not this summer (so far). We've had more clouds and rain than sunshine in most of May and all of June so far.


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