Sunday, April 18, 2010

Little Boy Clyde

Bridgit's bull calf finally has a name - Clyde. We tried several on for size and nothing really fit. Who knows, we may change our minds again, but this was the first choice (of sorts), and came up again so stuck. For now.

He is one spunky little boy! He's quite energetic, running and leaping, already tasting the haylage that Bridgit and Sheila are eating (Cowboy is, too, but he started much later), running laps around the little grassy paddock they're all living in for now. Getting away from mama, and boy, does she have a lot to say about that! For as hard as he plays, he crashes into nap land just as hard. So cute.

We both got some better photos of him today. He appears to lack the gray pigment on his nose that is a common indicator of the brindle pattern, which his half-brother Cowboy does possess. Clyde is lighter and looks like he could end up yellow. These boys sure are fun to watch, and so curious, too. We're hoping to get in and work with them a little bit over the passing days so they'll be used to us.

Skookumchuck's Clyde, almost 2 days old. Look at his thick dossan (bangs)!

Whee! Clyde kicking up his heels.

Cowboy, at 7 days old, has taken to head-butting his mom Sheila's brisket, practicing to be a bull!


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