Saturday, April 10, 2010

Go forth and procreate!

T-Bone left the farm today, destined for a life of loving the ladies up in Whatcom County! I feel like we've fledged a baby bird. It's amazing to look back through pictures of his life with us, seeing him go from our first adorable newborn calf to a big strapping young bull with a nose ring and a lot of libido.

Having T-Bone here so long - which wasn't part of our original plan, pre-calves - taught us that our current property is really too small to house a growing bull, and that even the short visits from full grown breeding bulls is a stretch for us. They like to "rearrange the furniture" (be it a heavy metal-cored street sweeper brush turned into a scratching post, or the support post of a lean-to) and test their surroundings (fences and in Boney's case, the side wall of our already crumbling pump house). It's a lot of work to have a bull on this itty bitty farm. They can also be noisy and demanding...and sweet and strong and steady just the same.

I'm grateful for the experience of raising him here, and equally (or even more) pleased he's moved on to make babies on another farm. Enjoy your new life and surroundings, Little Man!

Remembering T-Bone's first day. What a little cutie he was!


  1. I am very interested in purchasing your heifer Annabelle. Please contact me I can't seem to find out how to contact you from your blog but I am in Buckley, WA.

  2. Oh! My!
    All I had to do is replace T-Bone with Bucky and had to laugh at how your story could have been ours. Those virile males can be a pain. I pulled up my Bucky posts for you. You'll appreciate!!


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