Friday, April 16, 2010

Express delivery from the stork!

Bridgit had her 64 lb calf at 7:40 p.m. tonight! We're not sure of the sex yet; this time I did check, but am not sure what I felt. I did see 4 little teats, though, so am wondering if it's a heifer. This time the whole event was over with, baby weighed and navel dipped, and all our supplies put away before dusk. I actually suspected she was in early labor this morning when she was acting weird, and sure enough, she got weirder this evening before the big event. I'll share more on that tomorrow.

Baby was up on its feet within 20 minutes and has been snaking around Bridgit's hind end looking for teats. He/she has also walked around Sheila, too, who has been right there since the baby hit the ground, helping clear membranes, get it up, and keep a very excited, inquisitive Cowboy away! (She also helped Bridgit "destroy the evidence" when she delivered the after birth.)

Photos and more information will come in the morning!

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