Sunday, March 28, 2010

Never underestimate the runt

You might recall that one of last year's hatchlings, Teeny, is a runt who required assistance getting out of the shell. I was told not to expect too much of little Teeny, and was amazed as he/she continued to live even as several other chicks lost their lives due to picking. Why they didn't pick on the runt I have no idea.

While Teeny's half-sisters, also Black Sex Link x Black Australorp crosses, grew to the size of their mothers, Teeny only grew a little and then stopped, ending up the size of my three petite Easter Egger hens. Teeny has battled chicken lice and has a couple of featherless spots where the other hens are unaffected. Teeny's just a little different than everyone else.

I had no idea what Teeny's sex was until a couple of weeks ago when I saw the rooster breeding her. :) "All well and good," I thought, "but she probably won't lay any eggs, and if she does, it'll be a peewee." Teeny found her voice, though, and began clucking and singing (or whatever you'd call it) like her half-sisters, and one day, hearing a loud "I'm-laying-an-egg!" call and seeing her and one other hen missing from the free ranging group in the paddock, I wondered if it could be Teeny.

Sure enough, I was delighted to find Teeny sitting in the top nest box this morning when I opened the coop door. I usually only find two eggs in that nest box, one brown and one green. Teeny, having hatched from a brown egg, couldn't lay a green egg. Was it possible she was responsible for that brown egg? I went back inside and had a cup of coffee, then put my muddy boots back on to check. In the nest was a VERY LARGE pinkish-brown egg! Wow!

I know five of my six brown egg layers are laying because I have collected five slightly different looking brown eggs in a day, so I whisked Teeny's egg inside, pulled the cartons of previous days' eggs out of the fridge, and did a quick comparison. Teeny doesn't egg isn't the largest, but comes in a fairly close second! I can't believe such a large egg comes out of such a little body, but Teeny has earned my new-found respect!

Teeny's egg, third from the left.


  1. Aaww! Can't wait til my chicks start laying. I'm new to your blog and new to the farm life myself. Found you doing a search for Highlands since we are considering them.


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