Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dark Days - Fish Friday!

Paul informed me Wednesday night he'd be making fish on Friday, and happily he followed through, choosing the entire menu for the evening and cooking up a storm. We have our own specialties and neither of us step into the other's domain very often. For me, it's cookbook cooking, or making meals from scratch involving multiple ingredients and steps. I love that. Paul prefers simple cooking, so he's become master of fish, elk (or venison), and all things grilled. Oh, and breakfast...Paul can really rock a breakfast.

Last night he made sauteed cracker-breaded black rockfish (caught himself from our boat this summer on one of his many Westport fishing trips) with steamed fresh beets from our garden and baked spaghetti squash from his mom's garden. Served with grated Parmesan cheese for the squash and my homemade, simple tartar sauce (mayo, grated homegrown onion and my own homemade pickles, grated) on the side, it was a delightful meal! The fish was perfectly cooked and buttery; the squash, tasty on its own, was even better with the nutty flavor of Parmesan cheese; and those beets, sweet and earty at the same time, didn't even need butter or salt. (We will be planting more beets in 2010!)

Some of our 2009 beets, picked and ready to clean and process.

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  1. Wow, that looks delicious! Reminds me of the fish my kids caught last winter while ice fishing and brought home in a pizza box. Brandishing a knife, I went out on the porch to retrive them and gut them, and one jumped out of the box! It had been frozen, presumed dead, and then thawed out and came back to life! I screamed, taken totally by surprise, and then set the box out in the snow to finish them off for good. I don't mind gutting something, but I want it dead first!


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