Monday, September 21, 2009

Home again!

We're back from the Puyallup Fair! It was a really great experience, although a much larger and more competitive environment than the Grays Harbor County Fair. We met some other breeders, got a lot of new information, saw a ton of animals (there were 50 Highlands!), and Paul even tried his hand at blow-drying the calves for show (he did a good job!).

Both calves ribboned in our super-point Regional Highland Show (accompanied by a live bagpiper), taking first place and champion in their classes. The calves both behaved very well in the show ring, which was a relief, especially since we were all wiped out from the heat. We also placed third in the Pair of Calves class. The crowds were amazing, but we talked to a lot of nice people, answered many, many questions about Highlands and hope we did a good job as ambassadors for the breed.

We're happy to be home, though. Exhibiting animals at the fair brings long days of walking, talking, and slinging poo. The calves were excited to be home, judging from the galloping rounds they made of their pasture last night. In all, though, I think we're hooked on showing our animals. I'm already looking forward to next year's fair season, and who knows, we might add a third fair into our schedule, too!

Annabel all groomed and ready for the show.


  1. Congratulations on another great fair!

  2. Yea Amy, Annabel and T-bone!
    (Paul too!)

    Tried to make it to see you show your critters, but life got in the way!
    Maybe next year?


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