Friday, July 3, 2009


Lest anyone think it's all cattle, all the time here at Skookumchuck Farm, I thought I'd better provide an update on the chicks. They're 22-days old today (Teeny is 21-days old today)!

All 19 are alive and thriving, even little Teeny, who's still about half the size of everyone else. The babies can and do flap and fly over one another and have totally outgrown their brooding box. Two more weeks and they will no longer need a heat lamp; and in fact, with the weather we've been having, they may not really need it now.

They've got various stages of feathers growing, and all look awkward, like human tweens...longing to be grown up but still with that very awkward look and a baby-sweet innocence about them.

This weekend, with Paul home to protect me from the bull, I'll clean out and sterilize the chicken coop in the barn, put down fresh shavings, block the access door to the outdoor run, and move my charges in. That will give them a ton more room in which to grow and explore. In a couple of weeks I'll start letting them explore their run, and, if I can get a better feel for who the boys and girls are, possibly list some for sale as I only want one rooster and 12 hens going forward.

Curious kiddos.

Teeny in the very center, looking to the left, actual height. (One could truly say the others are head and shoulders above him/her.)


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