Thursday, June 11, 2009


I just got a call from my friend and Grange Master, Don (actually, his wife, Sally): my eggs are hatching! Sally's exact words were, "Congratulations, you're a mommy!" They haven't counted yet, but think there are about 15 hatchlings out so far, and possibly more eggs pipping (i.e. babies starting to break through their shells). I can't necessarily depend on having all of the 27 we candled as "fertile" actually hatch and survive, but given that was only three short days ago, we'd be surprised if I didn't have a much higher hatch rate than just the 15 babies I have so far.

Sally reports (and Don agrees) that the chicks are HUGE, and one is snow white and so fluffy and cute she wanted to keep it for herself! Don says at least two of my Easter Egger eggs have hatched; perhaps the white babe is the offspring of Goldie, my pretty white and gold Easter Egger hen? Don says there are lots of black ones, too, and given I had four laying Black Star Sex Link hens (and a Black Australorp rooster), this doesn't surprise me.

I'm waiting anxiously for Paul to get home from work so we can run over there, peek at the babies (and count them!), and haul home the wooden brooding box, which is too big to fit in my car. Then, tomorrow morning I get to bring them home! I can't wait...even though this is a few days earlier than expected and I feel unprepared! (I wonder if this is how folks who are licensed to be foster parents feel when they get the very first call that a kiddo is on his or her way...)

I'm not sure how I'll be able to contain my excitement...I feel like passing out bubble gum cigars! Stay tuned for photos and a more thorough report tomorrow...


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