Saturday, April 11, 2009


Little Red Hen, my sole Rhode Island Red chicken, is missing and presumed dead. I discovered a scattering of her back and tail feathers in the paddock. I saw no blood...but a search all through and around the barn, and a scan of the neighboring pastures with binoculars gave me no more clues. I would like to believe whatever bird of prey got her dropped her somewhere not too far off, and she'll either come wandering back, shaken and perhaps injured, or I'll find her. I know, though, how unrealistic that is. I can only hope she passed quickly.

Is it dumb to cry over a chicken? She's the only one of my flock I intended to never butcher. I would have let her live here until old age took her away. She was my favorite. She would follow me where ever I went...and was the best new digger of the pair. I'll miss her.....


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