Friday, February 27, 2009


Spring is springing here in Tenino...finally. I know, I know, it's not even March yet, so let's not get excited. It's hard not to, though, when I can see purple and white crocuses outside my office window, and watch the buds swelling on the forsythia (knowing full well when that baby finally blooms, it's time for me to get outside and start pruning the roses and apple trees).

Love is in the air at Skookumchuck Farm. From his first day, Tabor was enthralled with Sheila, our lead cow, spending every waking moment near her, napping by her side, not letting Paul or me be too close for too long. Well, that obsession has faded, and since yesterday, he's turned his attention to fair Bridgit. We hope this might mean he's already bred Sheila and now anticipates Bridgit coming into heat. This would be great news for a couple reasons: first, he is here to breed the girls, after all, and we hope for success there; and second, if he thinks Bridgit's coming into heat this means her weight isn't too low for breeding, whether because it just isn't, or because her extra daily grain ration is starting to work.

The babies enjoyed the sun by napping in it, while Sheila made a meal of some fairly stemmy hay. The February sun was out!


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