Wednesday, January 21, 2009

That Smell...Part 2

We've had the haylage bale for four days now, and I'm still not used to it. Most of the time I can't smell a thing, but every so often, if the breeze is just right (which is tricky since we've had stagnant air and a burn ban for several days), that smell drifts past my nose. My nose objects.

"Hey, Nose, two get together and figure out what that haylage smell reminds me of, and report back, ok?" I asked. They've been working on it at least two days.
Today they reported back. I don't like the answer: haylage smells like vomit.
Paul disagrees, saying it smells good. I'm hoping that means when we have kids and they get sick, he'll not be bothered by cleaning up their vomity messes.

I will say I have long held a strong scent imagery thing. For instance (and my brother will attest): new carpet smells the way raw carrots taste. Also, sometimes milk tastes the way cows smell. Also, lamb meat tastes like the smell of wool. (That last one is a killer for me...I cannot eat a lamb dish without tasting wool in my mouth. Which was especially disappointing when I could taste it even over all the spices of a curry dish. Ick.)

The cows disagree with my assessment of the haylage smell, fact, they're quite taken with the bale and its many uses (aside from food), as evidenced in the photos below. Enjoy. And thank your lucky stars you're not here to smell what I smell.

Sheila demonstrates proper haylage eating form.

Annabel chews her cud while snuggled next to the haylage in her, um, playpen.
Sheila feeds T-Bone the snack she brought him from her evening haylage bale visit. Classy, huh?


  1. I'm so with you on the milk thing, especially organic milk. I usually love milk, but not when it smells like animal.

  2. That last picture of Sheila and T-Bone is HILARIOUS! She looks like a cheerleader with pigtails. Haylage as her left pigtail and her own fluffly slef as her right.

  3. Just a word of warning: if you have such a sensitive sense of smell now, expect it to be magnified when you are pregnant. :)

    And those babies? Are the cutest damn calves I've ever seen.


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