Saturday, December 6, 2008


Changes are afoot.

I received word yesterday that my job will end at the end of the month. This was unexpected news in a way, but in another way, I think I'd been mentally and emotionally preparing for it for the last few weeks. My company has struggled a while with the downturn of the mortgage industry, and times are very lean all around us.

If I was still living in the city I'd be crushed by this news, unsure of which direction to go in, panicking about what to do with my time and how quickly I could secure another well-paying job.

Living on the farm has given me a totally different perspective, and I think my icky commute has helped make that clear for me. I hated leaving for work in the dark and coming home in the dark (and we're talking by an hour or two on each end, not just "oh, look, I'm leaving home just before sunrise"). I hated missing the antics of our critters, being unable to free-range the chickens during the week in Fall and Winter because it's too dark and I can't supervise their activity and watch for hawks (although I understand that IS Brewster the Rooster's job). We've lived in this big house since April and haven't painted a thing...heck, haven't even fully unpacked yet, I'm sorry to say. The summer garden has yet to fully be put to bed, the chicken coop still needs work, and my flower beds? Fugetaboutit...a mess of weeds and fallen leaves and spent perennials that need to be ripped out or cut back. And all of this was a lot to schedule on Saturdays and Sundays alone.

So the benefit of my impending situation is time...I'm getting my time back, at least for a while. I'll be able to enjoy watching our calves run at top speed, see the hourses across the street chasing eachother (like they were just a second ago, tails flowing behind them), possibly volunteer at the large organic farm in our community, visit friends I've neglected since we got into remodel-sell-move-settle mode (way back in, um, Fall of 2007, sad to say).

The other blessing here is as I've settled more into farm life and rural life, it's become all the more clear to me that what I want to do - while I don't know specifics yet - has more to do with being local, affecting people or places in my own community. Maybe I can find something related to farming or agriculture that needs my project management skills. Maybe I'll find a way to go off on my own (scary!). But oh, the possibilities! And while I think on that, you can bet I'm relishing the Tenino sunrises and sunsets I'll be able to see EVERY DAY for awhile, the affect of the hard frosts on the hills behind us. I can't wait!

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  1. You live on a farm with chickens! You are my husband's idol. His dream is to have a sheep farm in New Zeland, or at least a few animals and something more than a small garden plot in the US. I can see why losing a job would have an upside, with all those riches at home.


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