Saturday, November 1, 2008

Note to Self

Dear Self,

I know you're excited to be able to let your chickens out for a full day of free ranging on a Saturday morning. I can even understand your relief that the eggs you forgot to collect yesterday in your rushing around to don-costume-grab-appetizer-arrive-to-sister-in-law's-Halloween-party-slash-surprise-wedding-on-time were still in the coops, uneaten (miracle!)...but...

Next time, perhaps you might consider waking all the way up after a long night out, taking a few minutes to get the caffeine flowing through your still drowsy veins before going out to the barn. Then, perhaps, you won't decide that putting five fresh eggs in the pocket of your bathrobe, and then "fluffing" the coop shavings with a shovel (in your bathrobe) is a good idea. It might just save you a pocket full of yolk and white from two previously perfect chicken eggs. You know you don't like doing laundry before you've had your morning coffee.


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