Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Future Pet?

This is Wooley-Booger, the massive, four-legged-haybale of a sheep that lives next door. (The white blob in the photo...I believe it's facing the camera.) We don't know if WB is a boy or girl, and we've never gotten close to it, but what we do know is he/she/it needs a haircut very badly. Rather than jump right into calling Animal Control (which is easier for this conflict-avoidant girl) to report the owner for neglect, we probably need to figure out a way to meet the owner and bring up the haybale - I mean SHEEP - in conversation.

There's the distinct possibility that the owner doesn't care about how uncomfortable this poor guy/gal/thing is, or that he can't afford to do anything about it. Which means there's the distinct possibility that we'll either offer to pay to have it shorn, or, um, offer to adopt it so WE can have it shorn yearly.

Poor thing...I really feel for it in these rains, and during the hotter-than-the-hubs August we had, and any time I see it try to run (geez, that's a sad sight).


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