Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This past Sunday Paul and I headed out for Mount Rainier National Park in hopes of enjoying the Sunday brunch at Paradise Inn, something we did on our first date "weekend" just over three years ago. We wanted to go back last year before our first anniversary, but Paradise was undergoing some serious renovations and was closed.

The weather was gorgeous, and I'm glad we didn't head out at 7:00 a.m. as we had planned, because when we got there (a short hour and a half or so after leaving home), the double doors to the dining room were closed. Thankfully I thought to inquire about the brunch at the front desk, because it turns out we were in luck - but 30 minutes too early! That gave us time to meander through the grand hall and check out the freshly re-mortarted fireplaces, refinished floors, and even explore the upper reaches of the hall, which we hadn't realized three years ago were accessible. (It's a great place to people watch, if you're ever there...most people don't even look up that high!)

Brunch was great, as was the service. We left there horrifically stuffed, of course, but happy for having done it. After driving around some and stopping at the scenic viewpoints for photos, we headed home, still stuffed but happy, and inspired by the beauty we saw all around.

Some photos for your enjoyment. Next up...the NWHCA Scottish Highland Show at the Puyallup Fair on Friday!

It amazes me how rocky the mountain is up close.
Gorgeous view of the mountain from the hillside meadow below Paradise. You can see the inn (tiny!) at the base of the mountain on the left.
Lovely creek.
Apparently Tom spent his time rolling in the dirt while we were away!


  1. Your photos are lovely and make me homesick. Sounds like a great weekend!

    Also, it cracks me up that you have a Tom Cat.

  2. I know. What cracks me up more is he's fluffy and white and belongs to my dirty logger husband! (Currently Tom's matching Paul in dirtyness, but you know what I mean.)


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