Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bovine Mani/Pedi

Yesterday afternoon, our girl Sheila was treated to a mani/pedi. (To her, it was more of a torture session, I'm sure.)

Not all cattle need their hooves trimmed. Bridgit, for example, maintains her lovely little hooves with the help of our rocky soil...they break off and wear down naturally. Sheila, though, needs a little help in that department. When we noticed her minorly crossed back toes getting more crossed and uncomfortable looking, we called in the professionals. (The hoof trimmer, Bruce, fit us in on his way home from trimming hooves at the Grays Harbor County Fair...he was helping the show cows look pretty!)

Oh, are we going to the fair? I love fairs...


Just look at those feet! Girl, you need a manicure!

First we trim...

Then we clean...

Then we file...

Accepting comfort from Bruce's neice.

Sheila has a white tummy! (And an extra teat, but who's counting?)

Bridgit says, "Don't even think about it!"


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