Monday, May 26, 2008


The end of Memorial Day Weekend finds Paul and me busy planting our garden(s). We headed "out town" early this morning for some breakfast, and then went the other direction for seeds and starts of various veggie treats, armed with the list of "wants" Paul wrote up first thing this morning.

Shopping for seeds is exhausting. We had to rush home and take a nap.

Later, I pulled myself together, pulled on my rubber boots, and headed out to the raised garden area with my plastic WaMu hand shovel (WhooHoo). Bless the former gardener on this property who decided to place weed cloth under each and every broken-concrete-lined garden bed. Bless them. Some of those weeds pull out like buttah', especially the alien plants that look like blue-green kale. I sat on my patoot for some of it, carefully weeding around the volunteer borage with the pretty blue flowers so as not to disturb "Dad's" bees pollinating away. (A neighbor, "Dad" - not his real name, I'm sure, but that's what the "Dad's Honey" sign says - raises honey bees and sells honey. I hope to see him at the farmer's market, which starts on 6/7. Until then, I'm keeping a respectful distance from the little buzzers as they do their work on my plants.) It's about 70 degrees outside and humid; the three dogs slept flat as can be on the grass in the backyard while I weeded. After almost two hours it was break time...angel food cake, vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries, courtesy of my aunt and uncle, who visited and worked their butts off yesterday. (Thank you, Auntie and Ron!)

Speaking of weed...Tom, our white cat, helped himself to the bag of catnip in the pantry after Paul accidentally left the door open. I found him on the window sill of our office, covered in a mysterious dried plant material, looking blissed out. Once I saw the trail of catnip across the carpet and on the kitchen floor, I knew. Kitty's on weed. He couldn't be happier. (He'd tell you himself if he could type...he sure has a lot to say right now as he lays next to the computer monitor!)

Paul's up now and it's time to go back outside and get to the "real" work...planting the corn, beets, pumpkins (for me!), squash, pole beans, tomatoes, bell and banana peppers, cucumbers, broccoli and cauliflower we have. Fun! Here's hoping for a successful harvest in 50-110 days!


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