Saturday, May 24, 2008

In a highland state of mind

I am a research whiz kid. I know this about myself. In my spare time over the past week I've been looking at highland cattle for sale in the area. I came across another place that sounded pretty distant, but when I Mapquested it (another thing I do - a lot), I realized it's just northeast of Vancouver, about two hours away. That's practially just down the road, so to speak. This place had two young cows and a cow/calf pairing for sale earlier in the month, all registered. I emailed him Thursday to find out if they were still for sale.

Two are. He gave me some info about them, and yesterday sent more photos. We're stoked!! We're going down to visit this afternoon, after my mom and stepdad visit for breakfast. The farmer (who "sounds" young in email) was up emailing me back in the 4 o'clock hour (yikes), very excited we'll be down on this (apparently) beautiful, sunny day. (It's really foggy here this morning, so the only sun I see is the white ball mostly masked by fog up there in the sky.)

We are getting ahead of ourselves a bit. There are things to do before we can bring cattle home...we need to run a hot wire through all the pasture fencing, walk the land to make sure any holes or other dangers are filled in (Paul just told me we don't need to do that...maybe I am overly worried about broken cow legs), verify that there are no gaps through which a large hairy animal might decide to push through and escape, plus put the one gate back we removed to help contain our dogs in the Clampett-like fencing we hobbled together in our backyard. (Our dogs want to "meet" the two pigs on the land next door...they had to be contained and FAST!) At this point (site unseen, other than through photos) we are ready to buy...if the farmer is willing to keep the animals (Bridgit and Sheila, by the way) on his property for another month and expose Sheila to his herd sire, Tabor Thunder. (Bridgit was already exposed and is presumably pregnant, but we don't know for sure.)

This is all so very exciting! How amazing to think what we thought would be neat and cool "someday", this owning of Scottish Highland cattle, might actually come to fruition soon!


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