Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Hi, and welcome to my (first ever) blog!

When my husband and I moved from our busy South Tacoma corner lot home to our dream property in rural Tenino, Washington just over a month ago, I never thought I'd fall so in love with my new surroundings and the promise and peace this new life brings me. I decided I'd like to remember my daily musings and share them with family and friends, and so this blog was born.

Here are some topics I'm sure I'll post about as time goes on:
  • The wild apple trees dotting our pasture.
  • My first flock of chickens and the fabulous eggs they lay every day!
  • The antics of our three dogs, his (Maggie and Gravy) and mine (Honey).
  • The explorings of our two cats, Tom and Zoe (who until the past couple of weeks hadn't been outside since she was born to a stray momma cat ten years ago).
  • Life and death on the farm...from the painful loss of my sweet old Manx cat, Simon, to the easier to take (why?) death of Buttless, my little tail-feather-missing, eggbound Easter Egger hen.
  • Preparing and planting our first "real" garden together.
  • What's new in my existing perennial bed and herb garden (every day brings a new surprise!).
  • Discovering life and living in Tenino, Washington...a town with no stop lights (not even a blinking light!).



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